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Do I need a special driving licence for RVs?

All our RVs are less than 3500 kg, which means that you can drive them with a B-type licence. One must be 25 years old and have held the licence for two years. All drivers must identify themselves, and be listed in and sign the rental agreement upon delivery of the vehicle

What should I bear in mind when driving an RV if I have only ever driven a car?

Driving an RV is very simple, since its diesel engine is very easy to use. The difference lies in its size, although its length and width can be seen perfectly in the mirrors and you quickly become accustomed to its shape. However, due to its height, you must be especially careful when driving along certain roads, bridges, balconies, height limiters at petrol stations, parking lots, toll booths and especially with tree branches, both when driving and parking. It is important to be aware not only of the length but also of the height as our experience indicates that this is the most important issue when driving. Some motorhomes are as high as 3.20 m. Watch out for height limitations!!

How much does it cost to rent an RV?

For each vehicle we have prices depending on the number of days and the season.

What is the collection and delivery schedule for RVs?

Our delivery and returns policy is that RVs must be returned at the same hour that they have been collected in order to complete the 24 hours of vehicle rental. Leased RV deliveries are from 10 am to 6:30 pm Monday through Friday. Refunds will be made on the same schedule, although other schedules may be established upon request and availability, bearing in mind that there may be some additional cost. It is also possible to return RVs on weekends or holidays.

How do you pay the rental?

In cash, by bank transfer or with a credit card

What type of insurance do the leased RVs have?

Our vehicles are fully insured with a franchise of 750,00 €. All damages for a lesser sum that occur during the rental period, in the event that they are the fault of the client, are deducted from the sum that has been left in deposit. We invite you to thoroughly inspect the vehicle when you pick it up from our facilities in order to draw attention to any damage that is not indicated by us and add it to the contract if necessary. You can also purchase a separate trip cancellation insurance.

What is the cost of mileage?

Our rentals come with unlimited mileage.

Will the motorhome be delivered clean?

Yes, all motorhomes are delivered clean and with a full fuel and white water tank. The motorhome will be returned clean, with a full fuel tank and an empty gray and black water deposit. Delivery in a dirty state and/or with full gray and black deposits will carry a penalty no greater than € 150, which will be subtracted from the deposit.

In addition to rental costs, are there any other expenses you have to pay?

The prices that appear on our website and catalogs are the final price with VAT included, so no extra costs need be added. Fuel and gas (propane) refueling during the trip (except the first gas load, propane) will be at the user’s expense. Only propane gas will be used.

Can I bring bicycles?

Yes, our vehicles have bicycle racks.

Can I make changes in my reservation?

Changes can be made to the reservation as long as there is availability, although the price may vary according to the season and the period in which the change is requested.

What happens if I have to cancel my reservation?

The percentage tables that appear on our website will be used.

What is the maximum number of people that can travel in an RV?

Each vehicle is approved for a certain number of people on the road with their safety belts. In addition, it should not exceed the maximum weight indicated for the vehicle. The 3500 kg maximum is the sum of the vehicle, the liquids, all the occupants and their luggage. All occupants must comply with existing traffic regulations, being liable in the event of non-compliance.
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